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Bluegrass Cycling Club
Funding Guidelines and Procedures
Revised 5/18/20


Mission and General Support Guidelines

The mission of the Bluegrass Cycling Club is to encourage bicycling for health, recreation and transportation, to promote bicycle safety, to improve bicycling facilities, and to further all phases of bicycling.

In support of this mission, we offer philanthropic support to programs, projects, and events sponsored or offered by nonprofit organizations and entities that support and promote health and wellness or that are specifically bicycle-related.

We also support advocacy initiatives or programs offered by other nonprofit organizations that are specifically related to cycling.

Funding Cycles

The Bluegrass Cycling Club considers funding requests two times each calendar year. Submission deadlines are January 31 and June 30 for which funding  will be available 30 days after the reward with qualified receipts. The amount of funds available to outside organizations for advocacy and philanthropic initiatives will vary from year to year, and it is possible funds may not be available during all funding cycles. Grant recipients have 6 months from the time of notification to submit reimbursement. Exceptions for more time needed to complete projects will be determined by the Philanthropy Committee.  


Funding Categories

Application requirements differ depending on the category under which funding is requested. Funding categories are as follows:

  1. Cycling-related entities operating on an ongoing basis – Examples include community bike projects, bicycle education programs, bicycle advocacy organizations and other similar businesses, entities or programs.

  2. Events specifically for the purpose of promoting cycling/health and wellness – Examples include special cycling events, bike giveaways for non profits, bike month events and other similar events or programs that may be offered more than once a year, but are not ongoing and continuous in nature.

  3. Cycling Education Programs or Initiatives – Special events or programs relating to cycling education

  4. Other – Programs, events and initiatives that do not fit within one of the other categories, but that are related to the mission of the Bluegrass Cycling Club.


Application Review Process

The Philanthropy committee of the BCC board will review all proposals submitted before the submission deadline and not previously considered. The review will include asking applicants to appear before the committee to discuss and explain the application. If the applicant has an ongoing business location, the review may also include a visit to that location by the committee or members of the committee. After review, the committee will submit recommendations for funding to the BCC board within 30 days of the submission deadline. All applicants will be notified of the funding decisions of the board within 15 days of the board meeting.


Reporting and Follow Up

The committee or members of the committee may conduct a site visit to funded programs or initiatives with a specific operating location during the funding period. The committee may also request, and the recipient is expected to provide, information relating to programs or initiatives funded prior to submission of required reports.


Reporting Requirements - Ongoing programs, businesses and Initiatives

All award recipients receiving funding to support an ongoing initiative or business shall submit a report within thirty days of the close of the funding cycle during which the recipient received funding. If the recipient applies for additional funding for the same initiative during a subsequent funding cycle, a report providing the required information shall be submitted along with the funding application. The report shall include:

  • A copy of the proposed budget submitted with the funding application with actual expenditures by budget category at the time the report is submitted;

  • A narrative description of the operations of the initiative or business during the funding period including a description of how the funding provided by the BCC supported the initiative or business; and

  • A description of any future plans or goals for the business or initiative.

Reporting Requirements – Other award recipients

All award recipients receiving funding for a specific program, project or event that is not ongoing shall submit a final report within 30 days of completion of the program, project, or event.

The report shall include:

  • A description of the completed program, project or event;

  • An evaluation of the program, project or event, including an analysis of whether the stated goals and objectives were accomplished; and

  • A final expense report.

Failure to submit timely reports or to provide requested information may result in disqualification for further or future funding from the Bluegrass Cycling Club.


The BCC reserves the right to approve in advance any brochures or publications supported by funding from the BCC, and also may require such brochures or publications to acknowledge the support provided by the BCC.