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2021 Board of Directors

The election results are in. The new Board has met and selected Officers.
Your 2021 Board of Directors are as follows:
- Tim Klesk - President
- Glenn Mitchell - Treasurer
- Fran Bevins-Crowley - Rides Chair
- Jeff Walther
- Gayle Tomkinson
- Patrick Wesolosky
- Suzie Zander

- Dustin Adams
New Directors are:
- Chuck Ellinger - Vice President
- David Shaw - Secretary
- Steele Hinton
- Dan Sirrine

Thank you  for your service to outgoing Directors:
- Mike Bagley
- Julie Bowers-Pryor
- Dwayne Edwards
- Ed Surbaugh

Continuing Hybrid Rides and Resuming Traditional Club Rides June 29th 

6-26-2020  from Tim Klesk, Rides Chair :

Starting Monday, June 29th Kentucky’s Governor has authorized groups of no more than 50 using the same social distancing guidelines in place for groups of no more than 10.


The Rides Committee has resumed Traditional club rides and will continue Hybrid rides for the rest of the year. The following steps are designed to allow club members to enjoy riding again safely, while adhering to mandated social distancing guidelines.

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Each ride announcement narrative must include the following:

  • Riders must maintain current social distancing guidelines - 6 feet apart - before, during and after the rides.
  • Groups are limited to no more than 8-10 individuals. If there are more than 8-10 in a pace group, the group must split, with start times staggered by 5 minutes.
  • Masks are required before and after the ride where social distancing is difficult to maintain, per state guidelines. Masks will not be required during the ride since wearing a mask adds stress to the respiratory system. However, the choice is up to the individual rider on whether to wear a mask during the ride.
  • Finally, by riding with this group, riders personally accept all risks associated with Covid-19.


Hybrid Ride Particulars

  • Riders can ride the published route(s) any time the day of the ride. This will give each rider the flexibility to manage their social distancing preferences.
  • To stay in compliance with BCC’s insurance company rules, the rider must register for the ride on BCC’s Club Express website.
  • The rider(s) will need to notify the ride leader when they have completed the ride via email, phone msg, or text.
  • Riders should bring enough water/food for the ride and after the ride, and print out their own maps.
  • Riders will be on their own for these rides, and should plan for a backup should they experience a mechanical problem or have an accident.
  • It is recommended to ride with at least one other rider.
  • If there is an accident, riders will need to notify the ride leader, so an insurance accident report can be filled out.

Traditional Ride Particulars

  • Traditional ride parameters have not changed with a few exceptions.
  • Riders should print out their own maps.
  • Riders should bring enough water/food for the ride and after the ride.
  • All riders must register for the ride to allow the ride leader to manage physical space limitations, multiple groups, and the number of riders.

The Rides Committee recommends the following for all riders in all rides:

  • Ride with a partner or small group
  • Emergency contact information should be carried (this should be the norm).
  • Have an emergency backup that can provide SAG service, if needed.
  • Have water, food, etc. for the ride as it is not recommended to use a restroom or stop at a store.
  • Have spare tubes, tools, etc. (this should be the norm).
  • Finally, TAKE PHOTOS and share on the club’s Facebook page.

Questions?  Contact Rides Chairman Tim Klesk at 859.552.4117 or via email at

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Upcoming Ride and Events

To view details about the events listed below, click on the event title and you will be redirected to the Rides and Events calendar.
NOTE: Rides listed below could be cancelled or changed and those changes may not be reflected below. Go to Ride Announcements Forum for ride changes and cancellations.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Rides

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Ride Changes and Cancellations

Updated 4/16/2019:

The Ride Announcements Forum is the ONLY official source of BCC Ride Announcements. This forum is public. You do not need to log in to view posts to the forum. Ride Leaders should always make announcements to this forum and may optionally post to the BCC Facebook GroupActive BCC Members will receive email notifications provided that you are NOT OPTED OUT. If you are not receiving notifications, or are receiving notifications delayed  by hours or more, follow the instructions below:

When in doubt about the status of a ride go directly to the forum.

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Click for Instructions
  1. Log in
  2. Go to Forums and click Ride Announcements
  3. Click My Forum Preferences

My Forum Preferences

Riding with the Club

We are happy that so many new members have joined our club this year!! We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to review our ride guidelines, which can be accessed by clicking on the button below.  It is very important for all riders to take the time to review ride descriptions, and to honestly assess whether you have the experience and fitness to successfully participate in the ride as described.  Our goal is for everyone to be safe and have fun on our rides, and this works best when everyone attends rides that are suitable for them.  
If you are unsure whether a ride is appropriate for you,  PLEASE give the ride leader a call before the ride and he or she will be happy to advise you.  It is ALWAYS better to ask in advance!
If you are brand new to cycling, please take a bit of time to learn how your bike works - how your gears shift, how your brakes work, and how to stop and start before joining a group ride.  We can help you develop group riding skills, and become a better and stronger rider, but you need to have a basic understanding of how your bike works first.  If you need assistance in learning the basics about your bike, contact our Rides Committee chairperson Tim Klesk at and he will help connect you with a club member who can help you!  

BCC Rider Guidelines