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Ride Announcements

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Julie Bowers

Masterson Monday Ride Location Change for 6/14/2021 1 9

Dan Sharp

Casual Friday cancelled for 6/11 1 2

Suzanne Zander

Talon Winery ride 1 12

David Potter

David's Fork Ride canceled due to weather conditions. See you next week. 1 8

Sarah Monell

Russell Cave ride cancelled for 6/8 1 6

Sarah Monell

Bellerive cancelled 6/8 due to lack of dry roads. 1 7

Sarah Monell

Bellerive moved to 6pm with chance of cancel later 1 3

Terio Sutherland

Masterson Station 6/7/2021 Cancelled 1 12

Glenn Mitchell

Frankfort Crew 6/7/2021 CANCELLED 1 8

Libby Barnes


Glenn Mitchell

Frankfort Monday Ride CANCELLED 1 10

Tim Klesk

Monday 5/31/201 Masterson Station Cancelled 1 9

Glenn Mitchell

Midway 5/26/2021 Cancelled 1 6

Tim Klesk

Thursday Coldstream Start Time Moved to 9 AM 1 18

Tim Klesk

Tuesday Legacy Lean Start Time moved to 9 AM 1 9

Gayle Tomkinson

Monday May 24 Hill ride to start at 9am, route enclosed 1 18

Peggy Littrell

Cancelling Tuesday Legacy Lean ride today 1 9

Gayle Tomkinson

Monday May 17 hill ride starts at 1pm in Athens 1 17

Christine Cole

2021 Frankfort ride of silence cancelled 1 14

Michael Hale

MHB Richmond Ride 1 5