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BCC Board Elections

Safer Passing Law 2018

Congratulations to Mike Bagley, Julie Bowers-Pryor, Dwayne Edwards and Tom Matlock on their election to the BCC Board of Directors, and to Tim Klesk who was appointed to fill the vacancy. The Board also elected Pam Thomas - President, Julie Bowers-Pryor - Vice President, Jeff Walther - Treasurer, Ed Jennings - Secretary, and Chris Boggs - Rides Chair.

Your 2018 Board of Directors are as follows:
  • Pam Thomas - President
  • Julie Bowers-Pryor - Vice President
  • Jeff Walther - Treasurer
  • Ed Jennings - Secretary
  • Chris Boggs - Rides Chair
  • Mike Bagley
  • Dan Bibbey
  • Sharon Brown
  • Dwayne Edwards
  • Tom Matlock
  • David Vance
  • Tim Klesk

Lastly, a big "thank you" to the outgoing members Patrick Wesolosky, Christian Erickson, Randy Thomas, Mark Bukowski, and Don Cartwright.

Safer Bicycle Passing Legislation has once again been submitted in the Kentucky Legislature. Help make 2018 the year this happens by contacting our legislators.Click for Facts and and supporting information:Safer Passing Law 2018 Facts and Notes
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Upcoming Ride and Events

To view details about the events listed below, click on the event title and you will be redirected to the Rides and Events calendar
. NOTE: Rides listed below could be cancelled or changed and those changes may not be reflected below.  Refer to the BCC Facebook Group or use this link to the Ride Changes Forum (you must be logged in to view): 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Rides

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Riding with the Club

We are happy that so many new members have joined our club this year!! We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to review our ride guidelines, which can be accessed by clicking on the button below.  It is very important for all riders to take the time to review ride descriptions, and to honestly assess whether you have the experience and fitness to successfully participate in the ride as described.  Our goal is for everyone to be safe and have fun on our rides, and this works best when everyone attends rides that are suitable for them.  
If you are unsure whether a ride is appropriate for you  PLEASE give the ride leader a call before the ride and he or she will be happy to advise you.  It is ALWAYS better to ask in advance!
If you are brand new to cycling, please take a bit of time to learn how your bike works - how your gears shift, how your brakes work, and how to stop and start before joining a group ride.  We can help you develop group riding skills, and become a better and stronger rider, but you need to have a basic understanding of how your bike works first.  If you need assistance in learning the basics about your bike, contact our Rides Committee chairperson Chris Boggs at and he will help connect you with a club member who can help you!