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Join Us for Pedaling for a Purpose 2016!


The Bluegrass Cycling Club and West 6th have agreed to co-sponsor Pedaling for a Purpose again for 2016 following a very successful inaugural effort in 2015.
 Please plan to join us throughout the 2016 ride season as often as you can ... It's a great time, you'll learn a lot, and will also benefit some great local groups and charities!
 See the Ride and Events Calendar for details about the rides and education session presenters each day. 
We will offer traditional BCC group rides for all paces, with ride leaders, but you can also come, sign in, do your own thing, and have your miles count for our charity of the day.


Program Purposes:

  • To provide educational opportunities for people wanting to learn more about bikes and cycling
  • To provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to ride a bike, whether with a group or not, to meet and mingle
  • To support health and fitness related charitable organizations
  • To mix and expand the various cycling communities that exist in our area
  • To provide incentives for people to ride their bikes
  • To introduce cycling to new populations


The Bike Part:

The BCC will be offering education sessions and rides from West 6th Brewing approximately every other week during the summer months.  The events will all be on Saturday morning beginning at 9 am EXCEPT we will have one Sunday date - Sunday April 24.  On that day we will begin at 1:00 pm. with rides beginning at 2:00 pm.   The education sessions will begin at 9:00 am and will last approximately 45 minutes.  The rides will begin at 10 am and will feature various distances, experience levels, and paces.  There will also be an option for people to come, sign in, and do an urban ride or ride on their own. 


The Charity Part:

We have identified Folk Bike ReCyclery in Frankfort, Broke Spoke in Lexington, and Transy Bikes as our "three ride" charities this year. 


We will also have one day devoted to three other charities and on these days, walking miles and running miles will count as well:

  • On June 25 we will ride, run and walk to benefit the newly formed Woodford County High School Bicycle Club
  • On July 23 we will ride, run and walk to benefit Pedaling Forward, a cycling initiative established by Lexington Catholic High School and the Friends and Family of Mark Hinkel in his memory and honor; and
  • On August 6 - We will be riding, running and walking to support Girls on The Run

Please check back for additional details - We will post more information here as it becomes available.


 Each mile ridden during pedaling for a purpose will result in $0.20 for the charity of the day.  The maximum contribution, to be made jointly by the  BCC and West 6th, is $1,000 for the three "three ride" charities, and $300 for the "one ride charities", although the organizations are encouraged to find additional "per mile" sponsors on their days.  We will also offer walking and running miles on the "one ride" charity days to encourage greater participation and hopefully introduce more people to the great benefits of cycling.


Rider Rewards Part:

Riders will receive rewards at the end of the program based on participation points.  One point will be awarded for each education session attended and one point for each ride attended for a total possible point total of 24 points. 

Riders who have 16 or more points will receive a free jersey
Riders who have more than 12 points will receive a free tee shirt

Ride leaders who lead 8 or more rides will get a free jersey
There will be a party, celebration, jersey/tee shirt distribution and charity recognition/check delivery  event in mid November!!!


 Tips About Riding With The Bluegrass Cycling Club

We are happy that so many new members have joined our club this year!! We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to review our ride guidelines, which can be accessed by clicking on the button below.  It is very important for all riders to take the time to review ride descriptions, and to honestly assess whether you have the experience and fitness to successfully participate in the ride as described.  Our goal is for everyone to be safe and have fun on our rides, and this works best when everyone attends rides that are suitable for them.  
If you are unsure whether a ride is appropriate for you  PLEASE give the ride leader a call before the ride and he or she will be happy to advise you.  It is ALWAYS better to ask in advance!
If you are brand new to cycling, please take a bit of time to learn how your bike works - how your gears shift, how your brakes work, and how to stop and start before joining a group ride.  We can help you develop group riding skills, and become a better and stronger rider, but you need to have a basic understanding of how your bike works first.  If you need assistance in learning the basics about your bike, contact our Rides Committee chairperson Randy Thomas at and he will help connect you with a club member who can help you!